Here you will find answers to comonly asked questions.

I need to cancel my registration, how do I do this?
Simply login to the members portal and cancel the registration you do not want to keep. You can do this up to a few days prior to the booking date.
If you are cancelling closer to the date, you will need to contact administration to find out if its possiable.

How do I add someone to my registration?
The best way to do this is with a new registration, as the invoice for your first registration is closed, so you will need to create a new registration for that additional person.

How can I delete a rider from my registration that is no longer coming?
Unfortnately because the invoices are closed once paid, you can only cancel a registration and create a new one. 
Use the members portal to cancel your registration and a credit will be added to your account for use in your next booking (if amount is paid).
We cannot guarentee that the dates will still be available when limited numbers are applied to our registrations.

I have tried to reset my password but it isn't working?
Make sure you use the email address you registered with and the spelling is the same.
If you are using your username to reset your password, ensure you use the username provided during registration signup.
Select either email or SMS during the recovery and it will be sent to the email address or phone number that you have on record with us. If these are incorrect or needs updating, you will need to contact administration to update your details.
If using email to recover your password, remember to check your spam folder.